Accessories & other products

We manufacture sheepskin accessories which can beautifully compliment sheepskin car seat covers and sheepskin motorbike seat covers.  Any of these products can be posted to you  -  please don't hesitate to contact us.

100% Natural Sheepskin Wool Car Wash Mitt ...

$35 each  (incl GST)

One of our most popular items is our multi-purpose sheepskin car wash mitt.  Being made of genuine natural sheepskin, our car wash mitt will not scratch your car or motorbike's paint  -  it is gentle, yet effective!

Our mitts have been made using thick strands of high quality wool which will hold lots of soapy water making washing your car or motorbike (or both!) a breeze.


PLUS, cleverly designed to be a hand mitt (with a stretch material for around your wrist), no more dropping of the sponge.


Our sheepskin car wash mitt can also be used to polish your car or motorbike.  Or, if your car or motorbike just needs a dust off, our sheepskin mitt is perfect for that too.

Care Instructions  -  Simply rinse your mitt off with cool water and allow to fully 'air' dry.

We can post your sheepskin wool car wash mitt to you  -  please don't hesitate to contact us.

We make sheepskin car seat covers & sheepskin motorbike seat covers using only 100% natural sheepskin found in Highfields near Toowoomba in Queensland Australia.
We make sheepskin car wash mitts and sheepskin steering wheel covers plus sheepskin seat belt protectors using only 100% natural sheepskin.

Fabric car seat covers

Sheepskin medical rugs

Sheepskin baby rugs

Sheepskin pet rugs

Long wool sheepskin floor rugs

Sheepskin Ugg boots

Sheepskin slippers

Cow hides

Lanolin cream

Soft animals  (which make a very cute gift!)

Other products we also stock ...

If you see something you like in the images above, please don't hesitate to contact us as we can post any of these products to you. 

Visit our retail store in Highfields just outside of Toowoomba (view Google Map), to browse our range of sheepskin steering wheel covers, sheepskin seat belt protectors, sheepskin centre console covers and our sheepskin car wash mitts.  If your interested, we can also have a chat about our custom made sheepskin car seat covers and sheepskin motorbike seat covers.